Bilgrim Stoneknuckle

Dwarf Cleric of Grundinnar


Bilgrim was born in Kaer Maga, the third son of Carag and Azumi Stoneknuckle. Although spending his formative years in the ‘Asylum Stone’, Bilgrim moved, with his family, to Magnimar at a relatively young age, when his father took up a promising position with the Magnimar stonemasons guild. Seeing little chance to forge a career in stonemasonry, what with his elder brothers both skilled in the art, Bilgrim turned to the church.

As an acolyte at the multi-dwarven faith church in the Lowcleft district, Bilgrim had found his calling. Although he gave a degree of devotion to all the deities within the Dwarf pantheon, he was drawn to Grundinnar, mainly due to his connection to Akhal, a Duergar acolyte of Grundinnar, who had turned from his kind and sought out what he perceived as a better way of life, despite the persecution his appearance created at every turn. Akhal and Bilgrim were inseparable and trained and went about their duties together nigh on all the time. Akhal, who had been an acolyte for two years longer than Bilgrim then came to apply for his initiation as a priest, but was turned down due to his racial heritage. Unable to deal with the rejection he took his own life, leaving his loyal friend, Bilgrim, distraught.

Bilgrim, in keeping with the tenets of his beliefs, rebelled against the church itself, not turning from his faith, but found himself unable to continue within the Magnimarian dwarven church and it’s hypocrisy. How could a religion that preached friendship, loyalty and peace prevent the advancement of someone who personified all those traits.

With this in mind, he left his duties, asked for a loan from his father so as to buy gear and made his way to the Pathfinder Society, where he awaits his first quest.

Bilgrim Stoneknuckle

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