Luminata Dalca


Luminata Dalca, ‘Lumi’, daughter of Zandu and Crina Dalca, was brought up as a traveller, part of a three family caravan that traded, crafted, entertained and gambled wherever they went.

The three families, Dalca (mystics and entertainers), Antonescu (traders and rogues) and Ionescu (craftsman) complimented each other with their skills and made a good living from mutual co-operation. The familial unit being headed up by Bogdan Ionescu, but decisions were made by a council of six, two from each family, with Bogdan having final say when voting was tied.
Despite having a good, open relationship with her parents, Luminata was closest to her Grandmother, Esmerelda, a Harrower and fortune teller. From her she learnt legerdemain, simple tricks and more than few roguish talents, but more importantly how to read the Harrow, something that Luminata consults when making major decisions in her life. Esmerelda was her friend, confidant and when it came to leaving the family group, her biggest champion, to the point where she bestowed upon her the family Harrow deck, an heirloom that had been passed down through three generations before, Luminata making it the fifth.
Luminata’s decision to leave her extended family came as a shock to many, particularly her parents, but to stay meant too much pain daily. She had fallen in love with a man, Darius Antonescu, a number of years her elder, who preyed on her naivety with regards to affairs on the heart. She saw someone who she would be with forever, he saw an attractive young thing he could have his way with, discarding her after a handful of couplings. When she discussed her feelings with Esmerelda she learnt she wasn’t the first and in Esmerelda’s opinion, probably wouldn’t be the last, but the pain and heartbreak was too much for Luminata to deal with day to day. When Esmerelda learnt of the extent of her hurt, she made a reading which told of a greater destiny than staying, telling fortunes and living with an aching heart. It told of adventure and fame. She looked up from the cards and simply said,
“Luminata, you need to leave, go, let your heart heal and win a heart of someone worthy of you, but most of all, to be someone. It was never in your mother, but in you I see myself, do as I did and live for yourself, not for others, there is time to return to this life. When you are old, but no sooner.”
It was a hard decision to make, but, believing in her Grandmother, Luminata packed up her stuff, including the deck now bestowed upon her, informed her parents, friends and family of her decision and left the next day for Magnimar, where she immediately applied to join the Pathfinder Society.

Lumi stands five foot four in her bare feet, but her heeled boots put her closer to five six. Her hair is thick, long, lustrous and raven black, complimenting her well-tanned skin and dark blue eyes and her physique is athletic, compact with curves that draw looks but not too much unnecessary attention, other than when she dances, her natural grace and ease of movement always drawing looks.
Customarily she wears loose fitting flowing outfits made of silks or light linen, and has a liking for blues, purple and silver, but wears a leather corset over the top of her shirts, which doubles up as armour. Personal adornment is also important to her, she wears bangles, large earrings and has a small nose ring. Daggers and a sling adorn her loose fitting belt.

Luminata is a happy go lucky, care-free individual, who’s biggest flaw is probably her ability to always see the best in people. However she is sharp minded, witty, and capable of deception herself (growing up in a travelling Varisian group who often looked for marks to con, it’d be hard not to be) and is socially skilled, so her naivety only seems to run to those she wants to believe in.
Peculiarly Luminata often made poor life choices when not steered by her grandmother and this is a trend that seems to still be with her, though with her now using the Harrow to assist with major decisions, this may be a trend that soon comes to an end.
Luminata is a bit of a tomboy, having been brought up within a peer group of mainly boys, so enjoys roughhousing, carousing and is always first to the party and last to leave.

Luminata’s christian name means ‘flower that glows from within’
Luminata’s surname name means ‘of lightning’

Luminata Dalca

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